Civil, Structural & Transport Engineering Killili Bridge - Gascoyne River
Shire of Upper Gascoyne

Gascoyne Junction Bridges

Talis provided consultancy services for the planning of two bridges and a causeway across the Gascoyne River located at Gascoyne Junction. Talis was involved in the whole project, from engaging designers, developing a successful business case and fulfilling the role of Superintendent during construction

Talis’ scope of involvement included:

  • Project Manager and Superintendent for all works
  • Business case that successfully obtained $10M of funding from Royalties for Regions
  • Management of all approvals (DoW, MRWA, Native Title, GDC)
  • Tender preparation and evaluation
  • Project management & contract administration (AS 4000)
  • Full time on site supervision
  • Management of funds and budget


Due to the Shire partially self-funding the project, the Shire was required to use its own work crews to undertake portions of the work. To assist the Shire in the delivery of its portion of the work, it was necessary to appoint several other sub-contractors. In total there was up to twelve different contractors and sub-contractors on site at any time, plus several different suppliers.

The large number of different contractors on site had a heightened potential for conflicts, delays and variations. Through sound judgement, Talis managed this risk by adding a number of special conditions to the contracts to facilitate effective contract interface management and maintaining regular effective communication with all contractors and stakeholders. This allowed for a degree of flexibility in the overall works programme, which mitigated the potential for costly delays and/or disruption claims


This project was a major success, being completed on time and under budget with the official opening on the 17th December 2016. The cost savings achieved on the main works were subsequently approved by GDC, to be used for additional works to upgrade the Bundagee Wash.