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Western Australia
Dilan Patel
Waste Management Consultant
New South Wales
Travis Anderson
Waste Management Consultant
Kartik Venkatraman
Principal Consultant & Waste Team Lead

Our waste consultancy specialises in creating comprehensive Waste Management Plans that align with the client’s organisational sustainability goals. With in-depth knowledge of Australian waste regulations and industry best practices, our plans are tailored to address our client’s unique needs.

We have delivered plans for an array of developments including residential, commercial/retail, mixed-use, aged care facilities, hotels, childcare facilities, education works and more. Our approach integrates waste reduction, resource recovery and efficient disposal strategies to minimise environmental impact.

Operational Waste Management Plans

For developments seeking Green Star accreditation, an OWMP can be prepared to address best practice requirements or operational waste management. Addressing Green Star Requirements includes anticipating waste volumes, bin store sizing and waste mitigation measures including reduction targets, management responsibilities and design features to ensure all waste is appropriately managed.

Technical Notes & Memos for Local Government

At Talis, we can offer clients technical notes and memos. These documents serve as concise letters of confirmation, assuring that developments are equipped to accommodate the projected waste generation. This includes the ability to appropriately store necessary bins and facilitate waste collection through suitable trucks. These technical notes and memos are created to complement pre-existing Waste Management Plans. They are referred to if modifications are to be made to the development design or following changes to Local Government waste services.

Waste Assessment and Design Briefs

Waste Assessments & Design Briefs

Our team of experts specialise in conducting thorough Waste Assessments and Designing Briefs that pave the way for efficient waste management plans, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your project. At Talis, Waste assessment and design brief include:

  • Detailed Desktop Review of Proposal
  • Determine Local Government Guidelines and service offerings, requirements and constraints
  • Determine projected waste generation of the Proposal
  • Determine bin storage and/waste equipment size requirements
  • Determine additional efficiencies and initiatives and advise
  • Determine collection methodology
  • Liaison/consultation with relevant Local Government and/or private contractors
  • Liaison/consultation with Project Team
  • Issue Advice