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The Talis Project Management team is selected based on their technical expertise gained from extensive experience of large-scale public and private engineering projects and the skills required to successfully navigate the project environment. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of local government policies, procedures, design standards and procurement processes contribute to our intimate understanding of our clients’ needs which is demonstrated in the effective delivery of the project.

Construction Management

Talis undertakes construction management as part of our overall project management service, this includes overseeing the planning, design, and construction and delivery of the project. Talis has worked with several local governments to oversee the construction management process, which involves:

  • Undertaking pre-construction activities including specification of project plans, procurement, resourcing, scheduling, budgeting, deciding upon achievement requisites, plans for rehabilitation of exhausted areas
  • Undertaking construction supervision and contract administration – Implementing various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, cost control, effective communication, progress reporting, conflict resolution, quality control and project close out.

Site Supervision and Quality Assurance

Talis has the resources to provide qualified and highly experienced Site Supervisors to monitor the safe progress of construction works. When combined with our Construction Management services, this ensures clear and efficient communication between all the stakeholders involved in the project.

Project Management - Site Supervision and Quality Assurance

Project Planning

Project planning is part of the wide Project Management services we offer is a series of formal documents that define the execution and control stages of a project. The plan includes considerations for risk management, resource management and communications, while also addressing scope, cost and schedule baselines.

Project Management Procurement


Talis has undertaken procurement activities as stand-alone services as well as part of wider project management services. Our procurement services include:

  • Identifying external resource that are required and detailing the scope of work to be provided
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Working with the client’s team to ensure compliance to purchasing policies
  • Review submissions and manage tender award
  • Assisting in the finalisation of contracts.

Business Cases & Funding Applications

Having worked with several state as well as local government authorities, Talis has substantial experience in the preparation of business cases and funding application to seek funding approval for public works projects. Limited funding and competing priorities can prove challenging to get project initiatives approved. Our experience gives us the upper edge to have a deeper understanding of the clients’ requirements and skilfully navigate the challenges facing…… We ensure our Business Cases and Funding applications are:

  • Aligned with the client’s business objective
  • Based on strong evidentiary material
  • Align with policy and strategic framework
  • Address the service need and clearly outline the scope of work
  • Demonstrate the value for money proposition
  • Outline realistic and practical timelines for completion and execution, and
  • Demonstrate the skilled required to deliver the initiative.
Project Management Business Cases and funding applications