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EMRC Engineering Project

The ever-changing economy and increased urbanisation means the development of new infrastructure as well as the upgrade of existing infrastructure. Engineering for change means designing or redesigning infrastructure to connect communities, ensuring that it is sustainable, resilient and meeting the needs of the most marginalised and vulnerable populations. This can include designing transportation systems that are accessible for people with disabilities, creating clean water systems that are affordable for low-income communities and developing energy solutions that are appropriate for rural areas with limited resources.

Talis is a niche consultancy offering specialist Civil, Structural & Transport Engineering, Natural Disaster Engineering and Project Management Services. The Talis Engineering Team distinguishes itself from the competition by:

  • Small and focused project teams providing clients with familiar staff and ensuring project accountability with consistent outcomes.
  • Support from the larger multi-disciplinary organisation which has complementing services in engineering and environmental design, construction, maintenance and closure.
  • Unrivalled experience in working with both metro and rural local governments with knowledge of local government design, procurement and governance standards.