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At Talis, we distinguish our Engineering team through our extensive experience with public works engineering for local organisations.

Talis is recognised as a market leader in providing consultancy services for the planning, development, operation and maintenance of public works infrastructure. Our experience covers feasibility assessments, the preparation of business cases, design, documentation & contract administration, as well as the supervision of projects. Our experience includes minor works as well as major projects involving the development of multi-million-dollar facilities.

We Understand Local Government

Every Talis team member brings personal work experience working with local councils, governments and shires to their role. Our team collectively brings a great deal of familiarity with local government processes to any project, including governance and procurement requirements and design standards. We understand the inner-workings of local governments, and how our private clientele can successfully meet key requirements to facilitate the completion of projects as time- and cost-effectively as possible. Our intimate experience as contractors for local and state governments directly ensures that our team has no qualms in the realm of seeking and attaining crucial approvals.

We Understand Public Works Procurement

Talis has developed extensive experience and knowledge of funding and procurement processes for public works projects. This includes working with Regional Road Groups, Blackspot Program, Metropolitan Regional Roads Group (MRRG), Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) and others to successfully deliver a range of long-term contracts for the provision of infrastructure and services. We have experience in a range of contract models including alliance contracts, public private partnerships and a combination of design, build, operate and maintenance contracts to a range of private and public sector clients.

Key Services

  • Public Works
  • Urban Renewal
  • Streetscape Improvements
  • Earthworks and Site Works
  • Road Engineering
  • Drainage Engineering
  • Pavement Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Waste Engineering
  • Works Planning and Supervision
  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Tender Preparation and Evaluation
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Feasibility Studies and Business Cases
  • Design, Documentation and Procurement
  • Public Works Organisation Operational Reviews
  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Quality / Compliance / Standard

Fit for Purpose Solutions

Our client focused work culture drives us to recognise the need for fit-for-purpose solutions for clients in Western Australia as well as interstate. We work alongside our clients and other key stakeholders to develop solutions that are fully compatible with the location, environment and industry in which the project is being delivered. In many instances these factors influence the project’s constructability and cost-effectiveness. Our team uses detailed design development processes, which incorporate value engineering and risk assessment workshops into the delivery model. Our service always involves consultation with both our client organisation and key stakeholders, such as local communities and approval agencies, to ensure our work is in keeping with the regulations of local authorities as well as the best possible outcome for our clients. Our commitment to provide bespoke solutions is demonstrated through of effective client and stakeholder engagement strategy and successful project delivery.

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