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Our Noise Consultants provide a wide range of environmental, occupational, underwater, offshore and Road & Rail noise management services. The team has decades of industry experience with a proven track record of adding value to our client’s operations by providing practical solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

At Talis. we understand that noise can be a complex and challenging specialty area. Our team works collaboratively with our industry neighbours, regulators and community stakeholders to provide actionable, outcomes-based solutions that are derived from the combination of years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge of noise management and the latest technology.

Noise Management Services

As a leading provider of environmental noise services, Talis offers a comprehensive range of solutions for mining clients throughout the entire project lifecycle. We specialise in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), modelling, noise control, noise management, and monitoring during operations. Additionally, we provide accommodation impact assessments, noise design guidelines, adaptive noise management, ALARP assessments and detailed design services.

Talis is proud to offer a comprehensive noise impact solution that minimises operator noise exposure and maximises operations in noise-constrained environments. Our services include measurement, noise exposure, hearing protection assessment, and noise control, as well as the development of noise exposure reduction strategies and noise management plans. Additionally, we assess voice, alarm, and mobile equipment horn audibility and conduct noise-induced sleep disturbance studies in accommodation areas.

Our underwater noise services support the resources industry, including oil and gas operators, seismic survey companies and defence. Talis specialises in underwater noise modelling and management, marine fauna impact assessments and monitoring during operations and tools for adaptive management.

At Talis, our services range from surveys to management and strategic planning. Our vibration assessment services include assessment and measurement of ground-borne vibration, building vibration and human vibration (hand-arm and whole body).

Noise measurement, noise exposure, hearing protection assessment and noise control, assessment of Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA assessments) for compliance, audibility and intelligibility, accommodation studies, with the purpose of assessing and managing noise levels inside sensitive areas such as control rooms and sleeping cabins.


Nexus is game changing noise management technology that has been developed by members of the noise management team.

Nexus is a comprehensive noise management system that offers real time noise predictions, that are based on complex data retrieval, through a simple, easy to use interface that converts technical data into easily-understandable visual representations.

The system is versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with other operating systems to provide planners and decision makers with a powerful tool that facilitates risk mitigated long and short term planning as well as adaptive management.

The Team Behind Nexus

Nexus has been created by the Talis noise team who are noise experts with a plethora of industry experience and are committed and passionate about sustainable change. They have supported operators in meeting regulatory requirements, helping to reduce HSE risks and adding value by assisting in setting and achieving strategic objectives. Having worked for companies like BHP, FMG, South32, Alcoa and the like, they intimately understand the essence of noise management, its impacts on neighbouring communities and its implications on long term strategic planning as well as successful day-to-day operations.

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