Waste Infrastructure Management
Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation

Parkes Special Activation Precinct – EFW

Project Summary

Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation (RGDC) (Regional Growth NSW) is looking for suitably qualified and experienced consortia to fund, develop and operate a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Energy from Waste (EfW) facility within the Parkes Special Activation Precinct (SAP) (Project). The Parkes SAP, and in particular, a resource and recycling sub-precinct will be the first of its kind in Australia and will lead the way as an innovative example of a true eco-industrial park into the future. The development will establish a circular economy within the Parkes SAP aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources. Resource inputs and waste, emissions and energy leakage are minimised by closing, and narrowing energy and material loops.

The Project will help to deliver critical infrastructure that stimulates economic development and employment in Parkes, which is envisioned to become an eco-industrial hub of sustainability and advanced enterprise that will enhance the local and regional community and provide world class investment opportunities. Regional Growth NSW’s preferred model for the Project is that it provides land and associated infrastructure within the Parkes SAP as well as a fast-track planning approval process, and the Developer will be responsible for:


Talis was engaged by RGDC to provide technical advice and procurement/contract assistance for the development of an Energy from Waste facility proposed for the Parkes Special Activation Precinct. Talis provided specific advice related to the critical factors that make a waste processing facility successful including:

  • Long term security of supply of suitable quantities of feedstock;
  • Form of the contract and allocation of risks;
  • Approvals and government policy;
  • Agreements for products;
  • Financial viability at an acceptable service fee;
  • Social licence; and
  • Suitability of technology.

Based on the information gathered and from past experience, Talis assisted RGDC develop and implement the following as part of the project:

  • Project Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Phase 1: Due Diligence, Pre-Feasibility & Market Sounding
  • Phase 2: Expressions of Interest
  • Phase 3: Request for Tender

The project is currently in-between Phase 2 and 3 with proponents currently clarifying certain elements of the project before commencing the development of formal proposals as part of the RFT phase. Talis are assisting in responding to technical queries and clarification throughout.