Bayly Avenue Karratha Project
City of Karratha

Bayly Avenue Realignment


Bayly Avenue is the only public access into the Karratha Airport. Originally constructed in 1984, the road was in disrepair and required upgrade and rehabilitation.

Talis was commissioned by the City of Karratha as the lead consultant in the road upgrade project. Talis managed a team of civil engineers, electrical engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and quantity surveyors to deliver the project.

The first stage of the project included a major realignment to Bayly Avenue, as well as pavement reconstruction and road widening for the remainder of the road. The realignment of Bayly Avenue also required the closure of Karasek Road into a culdesac.

The second stage of the project was for the development of 18 new leasehold sites along Karasek Road.


The road was originally constructed in 1984 and had not been upgraded since. This created some legacy issues including unknown underground services, or the alignment of services going through private property. The team consulted heavily with service providers to determine a solution which allowed a staged approach to the realignment of these services. This in turn allowed the City to realign and reconstruct Bayly Avenue as a priority, with the development of leaseholds to be undertaken as a second stage project.


The design allowed for a significant enhancement to the entry and exit to the heavily-used Karratha Airport. The project has provided improved serviceability and safety for everyone accessing the Airport.