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Vamsi Latchamsetty
Vamsi Latchamsetty
Civil Engineer
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Engineering Section Leader
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Natural Disaster Recovery – Talis is an industry leader in assisting Local Government with the management of emergency works and the delivery of reconstructions works as part of the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement (DRFA) scheme and former NDRRA and WANDDRA programs.

Our flexible and experienced project team is familiar with mobilising to regional areas across the state to provide onsite services immediately following a natural disaster event where time is of the essence. In the meantime, an expert team of Project Managers and Engineers work on administering the project following a well proven methodology developed in collaboration with Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and Local Governments which involves the assessing the condition of the assets, preparing the cost estimate for the repair works, management of the tender process to engage a contractor, supervising reinstatement works and submitting funding claims.

Damage Assessment

A rapid, thorough, and documented understanding of the type and extent of damage to infrastructure is critical to the funding application process. Talis can provide this initial “boots on the ground” assessment, thereby maximising the opportunity for relief funding to be released, and for the road network to be restored to a suitable standard in the shortest time feasible. We do this throughout team of highly skilled civil engineering and technicians.

Damage Assessment - Engineering

Funding Applications

Talis has helped many clients with extensive and complicated funding applications that involve a lot of data and specifics. These applications would bring benefits to organisations and communities by allowing them to undertake important projects.

Payment Authorisation and Acquittals

Payment Authorisation and Acquittals

At Talis, we can support you to submit detailed invoices and receipts and demonstrate that the expenses are within the approved budget and align with the project’s objectives. This typically involves submitting detailed financial reports and receipts. This service is crucial in ensuring that the project stays within budget and that the funds are used appropriately. We understand that it is important for your stakeholders to be informed of the financial status of the project and to ensure that the project is executed as per the expected timeline and budget.