Waste Infrastructure Management
City of Cockburn

Community Recycling Centre


Talis has been engaged by the City of Cockburn to prepare detailed design documentation for the development of a community recycling centre at the existing Henderson Waste Recovery Park. The site sits on an old quarry site which has been backfilled with varying materials. Talis undertook the detailed design for all infrastructure, as well as providing new service connection to the site.

Talis’ project scope includes:

  • Preparation of a servicing report;
  • Preliminary design and feasibility;
  • Detailed designs of development; and
  • Project management and contract administration.


The design process has identified a number of issues, which the Talis design will have to consider as the project progresses to the detailed design and construction.

  • Parts of the lot are affected by the bushfire prone mapping and any commercial buildings will require a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment;
  • Traffic Impact Assessment will have to be undertaken and will likely demonstrate the need for upgrades on the main access road to the development;
  • Water Corporation has informed that no water supply or sewerage planning has been undertaken and upgrades will need to be made to the existing 100RC water main; and
  • Due to the distance of the deep sewerage system, the large site and relatively low density development, and supportive geology, the site will likely be serviced by on site alternative treatment unit (ATU) connecting all the leasehold sites.


This project is still in progress. Talis is also working with the City to develop the requirements for waste management going forward.