Big Swamp Storm water Drainage Analysis
City of Bunbury

Big Swamp Stormwater Drainage Analysis

Talis was engaged by the City of Bunbury to undertake a detailed investigation into its existing stormwater drainage network throughout the Big Swamp Catchment. Following the investigation, Talis provided conceptual recommendations to improve the drainage network.

Talis’ scope of involvement included:

  • Review of the City’s existing drainage infrastructure information;
  • Assess the performance of the drainage infrastructure for several rainfall events using DRAINS; and
  • Provide recommendations to the City on methods to improve the management of stormwater throughout the catchment.


The City’s existing stormwater infrastructure was provided as a shp file and had been collected predominantly from desktop studies and design plans. This led to uncertainty of critical information including drainage alignment, invert levels and pipe sizes. Significant investigations, including survey pick-up, was required to validate some of the desktop information prior to proceeding with Talis’ investigation.