Asset Management

“Sustainable Asset Management that enable communities to thrive in the face of changing demands and challenges”

Asset Management Talis Consultant

The rapidly changing socioeconomic & environmental systems are dictating how critical infrastructure is being used and developed, and as a result, public authorities are faced with the ongoing challenge of managing public infrastructure in a manner than is not only cost effective but also results in long term benefits.

Assets exist to deliver required service to the community. The asset life cycle begins at the conceptual phase and requires ongoing management decisions. It’s all about good decisions. At Talis we believe good decisions are-

  • guided by sound STRATEGY
  • Informed by business INTELLIGENCE
  • formed by the use of INFORMATION
  • based on relevant and reliable asset DATA.

In this way, an effective Asset Management Process will see evidence-based decision making, ensuring the right money is spent on the right asset at the right time. It arms organisations with the corporate intelligence necessary to shape their future. It is about prioritisation of resource allocation, productivity, and sustainability, meeting current and future services needs and is ultimately about cost reduction and risk management.

Talis provides a specialist asset management service that are based on basic principles

Our business is to understand your business so we can provide you with what you need. We do that by listening to your need and sharing our knowledge and expertise. We know that your organisation is complex and your stakeholder expectations are diverse.

Because all our clients are individuals and have their own individual needs, capability and priority. What a remote Shire, an urban City, a mining company and a Highway Authority need is different. Talis respond to your needs.

Finding solutions that consider all the complex needs. It needs to work, satisfy the customer, be affordable, reliable and delivered on time.

We know asset management. Our collective experience working in Government and with a wide variety of clients allows us to bring new ideas and solutions. We have a variety of bespoke and common tools for all regular problems, and the knowledge base to understand and respond to the unique.

Modern Technology and Good quality assurance to ensure the right data is collected, packaged and delivered in the right way and at the right time.

Having either worked for or provided consultancy services to local and state governments, we have knowledge and understanding of government processes, including governance, expectations, procurement, design standards requirements as well as public works funding.

Proven technology with proven processes. Talis continuously updates our fleet of hardware and software for data collection, field inspections, software and data management. We can work with your team and provide data in your required formats.

Talis provides a complete suite of asset management services for the full asset lifecycle. Our services are based on real world experience and the need to develop working and affordable solutions that meet compliance, function, service, amenity and other stakeholder expectations.

Talis services cover over a range of asset classes including roads, paths, buildings, drainage, parks, bridges, structures, waste, fleet and natural assets. Talis asset management team draw expertise from our specialist engineering , waste and environment teams as well as specialist sub consultants where required.

Talis understands a life-cycle approach, using transparent, informed decision-making processes, that considers the whole-of-life implications of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing of assets. More importantly, when you contract Talis we understand how our work will contribute to your management of the asset lifecycle and can provide optimum solutions.