Strategic Waste Management - Talis Consultants
Mindarie Regional Council

Waste Options Modelling

Talis was commissioned by Mindarie Regional Council (MRC) to provide consultancy services to undertake scenario modelling works of ten (10) waste management options for MRC and its seven Member Councils. The purpose of the scenario modelling was to determine a preferred future strategic direction for the MRC in relation to waste management.

To satisfy the purpose of the works, Talis undertook financial modelling and technical assessments of a variety of resource recovery and waste management services available to the MRC and its Member Councils. The assessments included consideration of the following:

  • Legislative requirements and WA’s adoption of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030;
  • Kerbside collection systems;
  • Food Organic and Garden Organic and Waste to Energy processing opportunities;
  • Existing Landfill activities and future environmental management requirements post-closure; and
  • Operational, capital and governance functions of the MRC.

After completing the assessments, Talis prepared a detailed Waste Options Report which was submitted to the MRC for their consideration.