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Talis has worked with Gold Fields Limited’s St Ives Gold Mine on a variety of projects since 2014 and was first engaged to undertake a lift to a tailings storage facility. The team presented multiple unique options that had not previously been considered by St Ives administration, and Talis was subsequently engaged to secure environmental approval for the lift, including consideration of the hydrogeology and implications of the project on the surrounding environment.

The successful delivery of this project resulted in Talis being engaged for a wide range of other projects on site, including:

  • Hydrogeological assessment of pit dewatering;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for mine expansion projects (including ecological and hydrological studies);
  • Licence amendments for tailings and dewatering discharges;
  • Wastewater treatment plant discharge assessment and monitoring;
  • Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils;
  • Mine closure planning;
  • Vegetation health assessments using remote sensing (NDVI) techniques);
  • Strategic consideration and consolidation of approvals and compliance obligations; and
  • Ongoing advisory services across all aspects of the mine operations.

Talis maintains a close ongoing relationship with St Ives and Gold Fields Limited, and remain a consultant of choice for environmental management services.