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West Australian Biodiversity Sciences Institute (WABSI)

Index of Biological Surveys for Assessments (IBSA)

The IBSA project was initiated in recognition of the vast quantities of biological (flora and fauna) data that is captured each year as part of various environmental approval processes. These data are funded by industry with the specific purpose of gaining approvals through various agencies, however, the life of the data rarely extended beyond that approvals process. Acknowledging this vast store of intrinsically valuable data could be utilised for many ongoing benefits across the environmental sector, WABSI sought to implement new processes whereby the approvals data was submitted, curated, and retained within a new IBSA framework.

Talis was engaged by WABSI to provide spatial expertise in the development of geospatial data standards that would be applied to all data submitted by proponents. This included numerous stakeholder workshops across the industry and resulted in clearly defined data and metadata templates and standards being adopted state-wide for biological survey data.