Underwater Noise


Underwater Noise

Talis understands that underwater noise can represent a risk to not only marine life but also marine operations, with the potential for construction delays and lost production, as well as affecting company reputation and public relations.

Talis’ Noise Team has undertaken numerous underwater noise modelling, monitoring and impact assessments, and is well acquainted with developing strategies to mitigate the underwater environmental noise risk arising from oil & gas, construction and other marine operations.

Talis provides and array of underwater expertise to major resource companies and multi-disciplinary consultancies, engaging with stakeholders and regulators to achieve successful outcomes.

Some of the company’s underwater services include;

  • Underwater noise monitoring;
  • Underwater noise modelling;
  • Underwater construction and operational noise management plans;
  • Underwater noise mitigation and management;
  • Underwater noise verification studies.

The services provided by Talis, help our clients in making crucial noise management and strategic decisions at a project and as well as corporate level.