Strategic Asset Management Advisory | Talis Asset Management

Shire of Pingelly, Western Australia

Strategic Asset Management Advisory | Talis Asset Management

Working in conjunction with the Shire’s Community and Corporate Strategy consultants in 2015, Talis staff provided strategic asset management advice to the Shire of Pingelly in preparation for its Major Strategic Review to be conducted in 2016.

This was a two-phase project.

Phase One comprised an assessment of the Shire’s asset management status in relation to the state government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting requirements, following which the assessment was analysed to allow the production of an Asset Management Improvement Plan for the Shire, the preparation of which was overseen by Talis.

The following elements of the National Assessment Framework were used as the basis for the assessment:

  • Asset Management Policy;
  • Asset Management Strategy;
  • Asset Management Plans;
  • Governance and Management Arrangements;
  • Levels of Service;
  • Data and Systems;
  • Skills and Processes, and
  • Improvement Evaluation.

An Asset Management Improvement Plan, with actions, responsibilities, and timelines was developed for, and adopted by the Shire.

Phase Two consisted of assisting the Shire in the development of its Strategic Asset Management Plan for 2015/16 – 2024/25. This plan presented a comprehensive picture of all existing assets, asset requirements, and financial implications for the Shire.

Specifically, the Plan:

  • Provided a full assessment of the existing asset base concerning inventory, location, type, condition, use, utilisation, cost, remaining useful life and value. This enabled accurate financial asset ratios to be calculated;
  • Identified and costed priority infrastructure and building projects in relation to the goals of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan;
  • Analysed the implications of the Shire’s service delivery requirements on the asset base;
  • Identified the ten-year capital investment requirements for assets;
  • Provided 10-year cash flows for each asset class; and
  • Identified gaps in funding for the renewal and replacement of existing assets, and acquisition of new assets.

The plan has gone on to significantly improve the Shire’s confidence in its decision-making capacity.