Road & Footpath Data Capture| Talis Asset Management

Moreland City Council

Road & Footpath Data Capture| Talis Asset Management

Talis Consultants was contracted by Moreland City Council to undertake data capture for approximately 650 kilometres of road and 1090 kilometres of footpath in Victoria. This project was carried out by a team of experienced asset inspectors using a variety of research methods, including in-field visual assessment and high-speed data collection.

The data collected was used to inform long-term works plans and infrastructure valuations. 

The roads were first visually surveyed in the field by a pavement engineer (with significant road construction and treatment experience) to capture the severity and extent of distresses such as cracking, surface defects and deformation. A high-speed data capture vehicle was also utilised to record roughness, rutting and surface texture. 

Following the initial survey, two data capture officers, using GPS enabled tablets with customised GIS software, walked the entire footpath network to evaluate the condition of pre-defined segments and record GPS points of defects such as cracking, trip hazards and cross fall. This method ensured the outcomes were appropriate for both renewal and maintenance planning. 

The data collected was collated and analysed before being presented to the Council by Talis management. 

All datasets submitted to Moreland City Council were provided in a format best suited to their asset management system, Assetic, and a summary of the project outcomes was presented to Council staff.