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Odour Impact Assessment| Talis Environmental Services

Talis assisted the Mindarie Regional Council in the development of a site-wide odour emissions inventory for the Tamala Park Landfill. Intentioned to estimate both discrete and cumulative odour impacts using CALPUFFTalis also developed a site-representative meteorological dataset using TAPMCALMET. 

The purpose of the assessment was to determine the projected offsite odour footprint in response to recent and historical odour complaints. Talis first verified the odour complaints using modelling techniques, and subsequently developed an odour emissions inventory to rank those sources most likely to be causing the odour impacts offsite. Using Talis technology, the Mindarie Regional Council is better able to address their unique waste management requirements and better combat offensive odour impacts before they affect stakeholders. 

Talis continues to work alongside the Mindarie Regional Council in both an ongoing consultant role and to offer process advice, working to mitigate offsite odour impacts and therefore demonstratecompliance with respect to complainant incidences.