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Water Corporation of WA

Environmental Spatial Data Management| Talis GIS Spatial Intelligence

The Western Australian Water Corporation engaged Talis to review existing reporting practices around the clearing of native vegetation. Historically, when clearance occurred due to infrastructure installation or maintenance, the Corporation experienced challenges in attaining reliable and accurate data on the areas cleared.  

Spatial information is paramount to ensure compliance with the conditions of clearing permits, the lack of such information poses a challenge in attaining reliable and accurate data which is required for clearing reporting and permits. 

Talis initially undertook a review of the current tools and processes in place in the Department around the management and utilisation of spatial data, specifically that relating to the environmental impacts of clearing. This process led to the identification of various opportunities for improvement and resulted in the development of system architecture, designed to promote consistency and improve the accuracy of environmental spatial data. 

Following this initial review phase, Talis designed a new process for reporting all clearing activities, drawing upon the spatial information as the exclusive source for clearing and environmental data. Our team also established a number of additional structures and systems to centrally manage the data and improve the ease and reliability of the reporting processes. Our work has led to greater reporting efficiency and higher confidence in the compliance of the clearing activities.