Environmental Noise


Environmental Noise

Talis understands that without careful management, environmental noise can cause significant impacts to the amenity and liveability of houses, communities and accommodation camps and non-compliance to environmental noise can pose significant risk to the viability and production requirements of mining and industrial operations.

Talis is committed to minimising these risks, having demonstrated the successful and reliable delivery of high quality noise services and innovative solutions, including the following key offerings:

  • Integrated noise management systems;  
  • Noise modelling;
  • Environmental noise assessments;
  • Short and long-term fixed and mobile noise monitoring systems;
  • Compliance assessments against the WA (and interstate) Regulatory framework;
  • Noise control – options identification, feasibility studies including As Low as Reasonably Practical (ALARP) assessments, noise control design and implementation;
  • Noise management – operational and corporate strategy;
  • Noise contour mapping;
  • Submission of noise impact assessments to Regulatory authorities;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Noise management plans;
  • Noise and vibration for fauna and other sensitive sites; and
  • Blasting noise and ground borne vibration.  

The company’s services also include noise and vibration impacts on sensitive receivers within communities, residential areas and camps and noise and vibration impacts for fauna (terrestrial and underwater) and other sensitive sites. We can also assist with ground borne vibration, blasting, structure borne noise and vibration.